Musei Tora Bujinkan 無声 虎 体術

Classical Japanese Warrior Arts & Culture

Waka Musha 若武者

Young Warriors is focused on family members or youth (7-14), who are not ready for the adult intensity and is also used for beginning adults as a way to catch up on missed basics from the adult class. Our story is built on authenticity, and our training is done in the same way. As a father of two, I know that they will never overpower or be able to outpunch an adult. That is the reality. But, they can have the situational awareness and motor functions in order to know how to assess an environment and move around it in order to try to survive an altercation. That is where this study comes into play. It covers the same basic core material that is in the adults' class (without the extensive weapons study and increased levels of resistance), while having a playful and energetic feel. This class focuses on what kids really need: movement, coordination, challenging goals, and focus. Your child's training can be broken down as follows:

受身 Ukemi (Falling): Development of the reflex arc.
飛鳥術 Hichojutsu (Plyometrics): Neuromuscular coordination.
廻転 Kaiten (Tumbling): Vestibular nervous system, spatial orientation and binocular vision training.
構 Kamae (Postures): Conditioning of the anterior and posterior chain for injury reduction.
体捌 Tai Sabaki (Body evasion/management): Psychology and rewiring the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
三心の型 Sanshin no Gata ("Walking"): Cardiovascular fitness, spontaneous movement and unarmed self defense. 

文化 Bunka (Culture): Exposure to Japanese history, pronunciation, art, stories, and language development.

武器術 Bukijutsu (Weapons): sword, 3', 4', and 6' staff, and rope.

Training will focus on the natural progressions of mobility; laying, sitting, kneeling, squatting, standing, running and jumping, while working through phases of isolation, coordination, integration and escalation. 

Deeper than Martial Arts.

Older than Martial Arts.

The Origin of Martial Arts.

Classes & Tuition 学費

Sundays 2-2:55pm

Parents/guardians will take part in a telephone interview regarding their child's training. There are no verbal or written memberships/contracts or additional membership fees (excluding uniform and training tools, which will be needed later). Parents/Guardians are, however, required to electronically sign a safety training/liability waiver, which will come from a service called HelloSign.

$75 per month. $45 for additional siblings.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Japanese Yen. Payments are due on the 1st of each month and are sent through a service called Square or Zelle.

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