Musei Tora Bujinkan 無声 虎 体術

Classical Japanese Warrior Arts & Culture

Buki jutsu 武器術

Skills with weapons.

Daken taijutsu 打拳体術
Striking and kicking methods using the whole body.

Junan taiso 柔軟体操
Body flexibility and physical conditioning.

Jutai jutsu 柔体術
Locking and throwing methods using the whole body.

Koppo jutsu 骨法術

Methods of manipulating the skeletal structure.

Kosshi jutsu 骨指術

Methods of attacking the nerves and muscular structure.

Taihen jutsu 体変術

Methods of breakfalls, rolling and leaping.

Knoxville's most in-depth school focusing on complete curriculum from the classical Japanese martial arts.

Keiko 稽古

Keiko means “Learn from the past and make use of it to the present”. Legitimate training requires an authentic relationship and connection. This is both in the original source, the training partner, and the heart. Without it, you are simply doing mechanical, sport-based martial arts movements which only work in a dojo setting. 

It is critical that an art evolves, just as life does. This is how survival works. In training, we look at the original movement and symbolism, psychology and then destroy that blueprint to make it work in today's society, culture and attire.