Musei Tora Bujinkan 無声 虎 体術

Classical Japanese Warrior Arts & Culture

Instructor 士道師

Michael started studying sports martial arts at the age of 8 in 1988. Getting a hunger for something deeper and more authentic outside of the commercial martial arts and competitive realm, he discovered the Bujinkan in 2000, training under different instructors.

Michael found a full-time home under the tutelage of Japan resident Shihan Bobby Eaton II of the Blountville Bujinkan Dojo in 2008 and passed the godan test in 2021 under Dai Shihan Toshiro Nagato (soke of Shinden Fudo ryu 神伝不動流). Michael's full-time job is graphics designer and father of two.

Michael with Nagato sensei.