Musei Tora Bujinkan 無声 虎 体術

Classical Japanese Warrior Arts & Culture

Community 共同体

Our teachers in Japan stress the importance of helping those that are weak, incapable, and the young, or what they refer to as "the Next Generation" or "the next one". In an effort to promote positivity and openness, we do our best to provide lectures, demonstrations, or even just moral support when possible, always trying to reach the heart of the potential "next one".  

2010 The Restoration House of East TN For single mothers trying to better themselves by moving out of negative or abusive relationships. The training theme was "Persevering Through Motion", using motion to change bad circumstances and win.

2010 Knox County Sheriff's Office

2011 Japan Disaster Relief Fund

Hosted a 6 hour workshop of 6 different martial arts styles coming together free of ego, pride, or personal gain, in sincere training in the hope of making a positive impact within the Knoxville martial art community. All proceeds were sent to the Japanese Red Cross Society for victims from the Tohoku earthquake.

2014/current Knoxville Asian Culture Center

Showcasing to the city war-period samurai methods, armor and weaponry.

2018 Oak Ridge Associated Universities

2022 South Doyle Middle School Japan Club

We had an open Q&A with the kids, allowed them to hold parts of the armor, discussed cinema methods of the sword and the reality of the Japanese sword then let them experiment with drawing practice wooden swords. 

Deeper than Martial Arts.

Older than Martial Arts.

The Origin of Martial Arts.