Musei Tora Bujinkan 無声 虎 体術

Classical Japanese Warrior Arts & Culture

Classes & Tuition 学費

Classes are held twice a week and are two hours in duration. They are currently separate entities or studies and have no immediate correlation with one another. However, in the long term, you will eventually find that everything is connected and everything is the same, meaning, both sessions will blend and compliment one another. 

Tuesdays 6-8pm | Sundays 3-5pm

Once completing a phone interview and passing the background check, there are no verbal or written memberships or additional membership fees (excluding uniform and training tools which will later be needed). Students are, however, required to electronically sign a safety training waiver which comes from a service called HelloSign.

$80 per month

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Japanese Yen. Payments are due on the 1st of each month and are sent through a service called Square. 

Non-membership/Single visit session

For students or visitors training less than four times a month, there is a $20 fee due for every class attended, paid at the end of class through either cash or the Square service.

Deeper than Martial Arts.

Older than Martial Arts.

The Origin of Martial Arts.