Musei Tora Bujinkan 無声 虎 体術

Classical Japanese Warrior Arts & Culture

Tokkun 特訓

Tokkun 特訓 means "special training, "intensive training", or "crash course". These are special events separate from regular training sessions that are focused on a specific criteria or topic.

Deeper than Martial Arts.

Older than Martial Arts.

The Origin of Martial Arts.

Dojo Shunen 道場周年
Saturday, May 4th. 3:30pm - 7:30pm (tentative)
Celebrate with us our dojo anniversary!

Waka Musha Demo 若武者
Tuesday, May 28th, our young warriors will visit the adult's class and
demonstrate what they have been working on.

Nagato Sensei TaiKai 大会
July 26-28th, Nagato sensei will be giving three days of training in Oregon.